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Container shelter 4x6m Saddle Roof

Container shelter 4x6m Saddle Roof

From  1.100,00 (ex. VAT) 1.331,00 (incl. VAT)1100

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From  1.100,00 (ex. VAT) 1.331,00 (incl. VAT)1100

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Container shelter 4x6m Saddle Roof
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400 cm


1200 cm (for containers of 40 ft)


134 cm (ridge)

Ridge height including containers

393 cm

Maximum snow load

0,68 kN / m² If necessary, the container shelter can also be built in areas with a higher snow load if you can ensure that the 68 kg / m² limit is not exceeded (for example, by heating the shelter in winter or clearing the roof from snow).

Maximum wind load

0,50 kN/m² (EN13782, temporary construction)


Option 1: Fastening brackets (not included) for fast and dammage-free installation. Bracket depth 50 - 80 mm. Option 2: Anchoring kit for installation on concrete walls (not included) Option 3: Direct fastening on the containers by bolting or welding

Front/back walls (optional)

Suitable for a standard container of 2,6 meter high. Including wind bracing and fabric door of 191 x 281 cm (W x H) with unique roll-up system to open the fabric door easily, quickly and totally. The roll-up system has a removable crank handle and is self-locking. The HDPE or PVC front / back wall includes wind bracing and an pressure opening



Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons

Max. 1 day (including 2 walls)

Steel structure

Steel S235, electrolytically galvanised, main profiles ∅48 x 2 mm


HDPE 300 g/m² - Tensile strength warp: 1351 N - Tensile strength weft: 1195 N - Tear resistance warp: 167 N - Tear resistance weft: 137 N - Flame retardant: according to CPAI-84:1995 - Temperature resistance: -30 - +70 °C PVC 610 g/m² - Tensile strength warp: 2965 N - Tensile strength weft: 2282 N - Tear resistance warp: 456 N - Tear resistance weft: 314 N - Flame retardant: according to DIN 4102-1 class B2 - Temperature resistance: -30 - +70 °C

Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)

- 230 x 75 x 30 cm, 175 kg (1 crate) (steel structure) - 100 x 50 x 25 cm, 40 kg (1 box) (fabric) Front/back wall (per wall) (in boxes) - 230 x 30 x 25 cm, 55 kg (steel structure) - 60 x 50 x 25 cm, 22 kg (fabric)


Construction drawings, structural calculations in accordance with EUROCODE and assembly manuals are included free of charge.


Steel structure: 10 years descending warranty against rust perforation Fabric: HDPE: 3 years descending warranty PVC: 10 years descending warranty


- Fastening brackets for fast and damage-free installation (10 pieces) - Anchoring kit for installation on concrete walls - Front/back walls - PVC fabric instead of HDPE - Fabric color: white
Download product sheet

The PVC fabric is stronger than PE (i.e. polyester or HDPE) and is therefore more resistant to weather effects. PVC has a longer lifespan. We have a 10-year descending warranty on PVC. The warranty on PE is 3 years.

The container shelters and the optional front and back walls are designed for ISO containers of 6 and 12 meters (20 and 40 feet) long and 259 cm high.

If you want to order a printed cover, choose logo cover when assembling your product. Complete the compilation of your product and proceed to request a quote. Once you have requested the quote, you will receive a form to upload your logo.

Within 2 business days you will receive a digital proof of the cover with logo printing.

Good to know

  • Printing is done on white PVC tarpaulin, printing on other types of tarpaulins is possible by arrangement.
  • Would you like something other than a logo printing? You can do so by uploading your image using the form.
  • Print file delivery in EPS format.
  • Delivery within 12 – 14 weeks.

They can. The base rail will then be further from the container edge and can be anchored with screws or welded. The back wall is then too wide but can be placed behind the containers. A front wall is not possible.

Both the PVC and the HDPE fabric are available in white and dark green.

The front and back walls of our container shelters are tailored to the ISO container height of 259 cm. A higher container thus means that the wall doesn’t reach the ground and leaves a gap of around 30 cm. A container shelter without walls therefore is perfectly suitable for a high cube sea container.

All our container shelters can be linked to each other lengthwise. This can be done easily and without adjustments to the product. The connection (overlap of the fabric) is entirely wind- and watertight after tightening the cords.

Placing multiple containers behind each other allows you to create a shelter in multiples of 20 feet.

In the product specifications you will find the maximum wind and snow load as described in the official structural calculations. We recommend that you only place the product in wind and snow zones that do not exceed these standards. If you nevertheless choose to install the storage building or tent in a region with higher maximum wind and snow loads, please bear in mind that this is at your own risk.

Yes. Using our container clamps does require an edge of 50-80mm in height. Our clamps cannot be fastened without this edge and the shelter will then have to be attached to the unit using screws or welded.

If you would also like a front and/or back wall, the unit must be 259 cm high.

The PE fabric complies with the CPAI-84-1995 standard, the PVC fabric complies with the DIN 4102-1 class B2 standard. (view the certificates on the download page)

No. We only supply the back and front walls with fabric door.

In fact, when you leave the door closed, there is no difference with a wall without a door. The zippers on both sides of the fabric door completely close the wall.

It concerns the distance between the shipping containers.

  • TC403: 3,84 meter (see drawings)
  • TC606: 5,88 meter (see drawings)
  • TC806: 7,80 meter (see drawings)
  • TC812: 7,80 meter (see drawings)
  • TC1012: 9,79 meter (see drawings)

Yes, this is possible. The shelter must then be screwed in or welded. However, fastening brackets have a number of important advantages:

  • The containers aren’t damaged
  • The installation is much quicker
  • You can easily dismantle the container shelter

Kroftman usually supplies the container shelters and storage tents directly from stock. Warehouse tents have a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks.

For container canopies with logo printing, the delivery time is 14 weeks.

Kroftman begins production of the H-series storage buildings and delivers them with all accessories and options as soon as the payment obligation has been fulfilled. Our lead and delivery time starts from the date of payment, depending on the type of storage building. For small, non-insulated storage buildings, this timeframe is usually 6 to 8 weeks. For insulated storage buildings, it takes between 12 and 14 weeks. We are in permanent contact with you about the order, payment, documents, delivery, possible assembly and follow-up.

You will receive, at the time of shipment, information on the expected delivery date and contact details of the carrier.

Of all our storage buildings, storage tents and container shelters we have structural calculations available in German. These are available on request and free of charge.

For these structural calculations we work with German engineers. These structural calculations always meet the ′Eurocode′ standard supplemented by German codes DIN+DIBt ensuring wide European and International acceptance. To maintain the legal status, we only provide the original untranslated documents in the German language. Should this cause you any difficulties, you can use these documents as a basis to ask a local engineer to draw up a structural calculation in your own language which meets your local requirements.

That depends on the product and the local regulations. A permit is usually not necessary for temporary placement. For (semi) permanent placements, it’s best to contact your municipality.

You can download the construction drawings to apply for a building permit. Upon request we can also supply the structural calculations entirely free of charge and obligation.

To guarantee fast and trouble-free assembly, we make the inspection and assembly conditions mandatory for customers who have the product assembled by our own assembly team. However, the instructions mentioned in the document naturally also apply to do-it-yourself assembly. We strongly advise you to follow this so that you will not be faced with any surprises during assembly.

  • The products and transport costs are subject to a 50% deposit prior to reservation or production. Upon delivery, you check the delivery after which you transfer the remaining 50% directly to us
  • The assembly costs are 100% on the last assembly day. Our drivers and / or technicians are instructed to ask for a proof of transfer
  • 100% prepayment applies to orders below € 5,000
  • Down payment invoices have a payment term of 7 days after the invoice date