Frequently Asked Questions

In the product specifications you will find the maximum wind and snow load as described in the official structural calculations. We recommend that you only place the product in wind and snow zones that do not exceed these standards. If you nevertheless choose to install the storage building or tent in a region with higher maximum wind and snow loads, please bear in mind that this is at your own risk.

No. We only supply the back and front walls with fabric door.

In fact, when you leave the door closed, there is no difference with a wall without a door. The zippers on both sides of the fabric door completely close the wall.

It concerns the distance between the shipping containers.

  • TC606: 5,88 meter (see drawings)
  • TC806: 7,80 meter (see drawings)
  • TC812: 7,80 meter (see drawings)
  • TC1012: 9,79 meter (see drawings)

Yes, this is possible. The shelter must then be screwed in or welded. However, fastening clips have a number of important advantages:

  • The containers aren’t damaged
  • The installation is much quicker
  • You can easily dismantle the container shelter

The PVC fabric is stronger than PE (i.e. polyester or HDPE) and is therefore more resistant to weather effects. PVC has a longer lifespan. We have a 10-year descending warranty on PVC. The warranty on PE is 3 years.

The container shelters and the optional front and back walls are designed for ISO containers of 6 and 12 meters (20 and 40 feet) long and 259 cm high.

They can. The base rail will then be further from the container edge and can be anchored with screws or welded. The back wall is then too wide but can be placed behind the containers. A front wall is not possible.

Both the PVC and the HDPE fabric are available in white and dark green.

The front and back walls of our container shelters are tailored to the ISO container height of 259 cm. A higher container thus means that the wall doesn’t reach the ground and leaves a gap of around 30 cm. A container shelter without walls therefore is perfectly suitable for a high cube sea container.

All our container shelters can be linked to each other lengthwise. This can be done easily and without adjustments to the product. The connection (overlap of the fabric) is entirely wind- and watertight after tightening the cords.

Placing multiple containers behind each other allows you to create a shelter in multiples of 20 feet.

Yes. Using our container clamps does require an edge of 50-80mm in height. Our clamps cannot be fastened without this edge and the shelter will then have to be attached to the unit using screws or welded.

If you would also like a front and/or back wall, the unit must be 259 cm high.

The PE fabric complies with the CPAI-84-1995 standard, the PVC fabric complies with the DIN 4102-1 class B2 standard. (view the certificates on the download page)

A PE fabric is only available in white. For PVC you can choose between green and white. PE is not available in green because the lifespan of a green PE fabric is considerably shorter than white.

As standard the storage tent is delivered with earth anchors. If you wish to place the tent on a concrete surface, you can order concrete anchors.

No, this is not possible. We only sell standard storage tents.

You can only choose one or more man doors for the T500 and the T1220. For the T1220 these can be placed both at the front and the back as well as in the side walls. In the T500 the man door only fits in the front or the back. The man door is made of polyester sandwich panel and has an aluminium inner frame. You can choose one or more man doors on the product page in question under “Customize product”.

No, this isn’t possible. We only sell standard storage tents.

You can create an indoor porch by simply installing the front wall in the second or third roof truss. You could do the same with the rear wall of course.

Kroftman storage buildings can always be placed without a foundation. This distinctive advantage allows you to achieve huge savings on the overall project costs. This allows one to place a storage building much more quickly and inexpensively. The storage building can also be placed on Stelcon® sheets, asphalt, pavement and even on compacted earth, gravel or rubble.

Have a look at our special page about the anchoring options.

Yes. You’ll then receive extra sheet material to close the door opening.

With the E500 series it is possible to build in a different size of roll-up door. We then deliver the entire storage building without a roll-up door so you can order a roll-up door with the desired dimensions yourself.

Due to a different steel construction, it is not possible to install a wider roll-up of overhead door with the H600-, H700h-, H800h- and H900-series storage buildings.

Do you want to build in a higher roll-up or overhead door? Then you need to build the storage building on a stem wall to enlarge the opening for the industrial door.

That is possible. Please contact our sales department for the correct construction drawings.

An H918 with a high roll-up door on a stem wall of approx. 60 cm

Interior of an H918 with a high roll-up door on a stem wall of approx. 60 cm 

Steel construction of an H918h on a stem wall

An H918h on a stem wall with an extra man door in the side wall

Dripstop® is a felt layer attached by default to the roof sheets of the non-insulated H-series storage buildings. It ensures that valuable goods and materials remain dry, even in case of condensation.

Moisture appears when the outside temperature drops and the inside temperature remains relatively high. The Dripstop® felt layer absorbs the moisture and releases it when the outside temperature rises, after which the damp evaporates. This prevents moisture dripping down from the steel roof and damaging the stored goods.

Explanation about how Dripstop® works

Comparison between a roof with and without Dripstop®

Yes. You will then receive extra sheet material to seal the opening at the front. Note that the height of the industrial door in a side wall is lower than in a front or back wall.

For the H-series, the man door can effortlessly be placed to the left or the right of the roll-up door. And rotating clockwise or counter clockwise.

For the E-series, the man door can only be placed to the right of the roll-up door.

No, the laws and regulations prescribe that there must be at least 100 cm between them. A distance of one (non-insulated) or two (insulated) meter is also necessary for assembly.

This is possible for the H-type storage buildings. You can select this as an option. If necessary, you will receive additional construction drawings. Depending on the size of the storage building the additional man door and / or industrial doors can be installed in the rear wall or in the side walls.

No additional man doors and / or industrial doors can be ordered for the E-series.

All our storage buildings can be extended indefinitely with a multiple of 3.0 (E500 storage buildings), 2.7 (H600, H700h and H800h storage buildings) or 3.3 meters (H900-H1000-H1100-H1200 storage buildings). The E500 storage buildings can easily be adjusted to the desired size during assembly by shortening all horizontal parts between the last two frames. The shortest length can also be shortened in this way. The H600, H700h, H800h, H900, H1000, H1100, H1200 series storage buildings cannot be shortened.

The width of the storage building cannot be increased or decreased.

By default, the storage buildings are supplied without gutters and drainpipes. You can optionally order the matching drainage system. The Kroftman drainage system for storage buildings is entirely made of galvanised sheet steel. The system consists of drain pipes on both sides of the storage building with upright pipes (plus final bend) down to the ground. The capacity of the gutter and the number of upright pipes is tailored to the size of the storage building. The standard available colours are pearl-light grey (RAL9022) and anthracite grey (RAL7016).

Our storage buildings are delivered without an electric opener as standard. Optionally you can order an electric opener (including 2 remote controls) for the roll-up or overhead door

Kroftman only supplies storage buildings without windows. If you nevertheless would like to place one or more windows in your storage building, you must do this yourself. In that case, keep in mind that the structural calculation is no longer applicable and the warranty on the construction and sheeting will then lapse.

If you wish to reduce extreme temperatures or condensation you can insulate your building yourself. This is done by installing common insulating panels (such as sandwich panels, Polystyrene, EPS, PIR, Styrodur®, Isover® or Fastfixx®) tightly between the truss tubes. The seams should be sealed with insulation tape or caulking. Ideally the insulation panel thickness should equal the depth of the tubes; 75mm or 50mm. (see construction drawings) Due to the remaining thermal bridges and uninsulated roll-up door/skylights these buildings are less suitable for full heating. Please be aware that the maximum snow load allowance should be reduced with the weight of the roof insulation.

Yes. To calculate the maximum snow load, you have to subtract the weight of the solar panels from the snow load.

Example: if the snow load for the storage building in question is 1,2kN/m², then the roof can withstand 120 kilos of snow per square meter.

If the solar panels for example weigh 40kg, 80kg remain. In a region where the snow load is less than 0,8kN/m² (80kg per square meter), the storage building can be equipped with solar panels.

The non-insulated storage buildings ventilate at the front and rear under the ridge cap and the gable trim. In addition, all roof seals are equipped with ventilating foam tape. However, the ventilation is not calculated.
The insulated storage buildings have no ventilation openings. You can optionally have a natural or mechanical ventilation system installed.

Ventilation standards are not necessary for storage buildings unless the application prescribes these (for instance storing chemicals).

You can, but the warranty will then lapse. The sheet material has a polyester top coating. If this is covered by an extra layer of paint, the coating no longer offers full protection.

Installation video for a Janus roll-up door (only applicable for non-insulated storage buildings)

Installation video for a Novoferm (Alpha) T450 overhead door for the front/back wall

Installation video for a Novoferm (Alpha) T240 overhead door for the side wall

The storage buildings meet the performance requirements for the fire safety of storage buildings as referred to in the Dutch Building Decree 2003. This means that in the event of a fire, the structure remains intact long enough for it not to collapse prematurely. If you want to increase fire safety for people and materials, we advise you to equip the storage building with a sprinkler system.

All man doors are equipped with a cylinder lock. The roll-up doors have a latch for a padlock (not included). The overhead doors can only be opened manually from the inside. The storage buildings can therefore be entirely closed up.

The main difference is that a roll-up door is made of continuous steel sheeting and an overhead door consists of hollow aluminum segments filled with insulating PUR foam. This means that with an insulated storage building only an overhead door is possible. With an non-insulated storage building you choose from both.

Overhead door

Features overhead door

+ Insulated
+ Opens complete, so full height to use
+ In the event of damage, only the damaged element needs to be replaced
+ Makes less noise
+ Burglary resistant: can only be opened manually from the inside

– Can not be opened from outside (except with a remote control)
– More expensive
– The overhead door hangs horizontally in the indoor area, so that the working height in the storage building cannot be fully used

Roll-up door

Features roll-up door

+ More efficient use of interior space because the door rolls up above the door opening
+ Can be opened from outside
+ Low-priced

– Less clearance (approx. 10 cm) because the lower beam (with the handle) hangs in the doorway

Please check also our Q&A about how to install a roll-up or overhead door

As a consumer you have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without having to specify a reason. After cancellation, you have another 14 days to return the product(s) in question. You will then be credited with the full order amount which includes the shipping cost. Only the costs incurred for returning the product from the chosen delivery address to the web shop are your responsibility.

If you chose to practice your right of withdrawal, the product with all accessories and – if reasonably possible – in the original condition and packaging must be returned to Kroftman. To exercise this right you can send us a message. We will then refund the order amount within 14 days after registration of your return, as long as the product has already been received in good order. Kroftman reserves the right to subtract an amount for signs of use, damaged packaging or incomplete content.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that you purchase via our web shop that are made to order according to the specifications requested (such as colour). The sale is final and completed after successful payment.

The warranties used by Kroftman differ per product type. You’ll find the exact warranty provision under the specifications of the product in question. For all products, the amount of the reimbursement depends on the remaining guarantee period.

Example: the warranty period is 10 years and after 8 years, the PVC canvas of your container shelter tears. The remaining warranty period is then 2 years. You’ll receive a 20% (2/10) discount on a replacement canvas.

Are you of the opinion that the problem falls under the Kroftman warranty conditions? Then please fill in the warranty claim form as completely as possible. We’ll evaluate your claim on the basis of this information. We’ll then contact you within 10 working days to discuss the situation and the potential solution with you.

Kroftman Structures uses cookies and other technology such as JavaScripts and web beacons on its websites and affiliated sites. Because we want to ensure your privacy as well as improve the user-friendliness of your visit(s) to our websites, we think it’s important for you to know how and why we use cookies. You’ll find our cookie policy here.

You enter the necessary details and choose a payment method. Then you click on “Place order”. If you have opted for an online payment method, you will be redirected to a secure payment environment. If you have chosen for direct bank transfer you will first receive an invoice from us.

When we have received your order, we will contact you to coordinate the details about the order and delivery. As soon as we receive your payment we will set the order in motion. When the order is ready for shipment we will inform you by e-mail.

The quote is automatically generated once you have filled in the required fields and click on “Send”. For a quote, we only need the following information from you: country, zip code (for determining transport options and costs) and e-mail address. More information is welcome so that we can easily contact you if necessary.

You will find your quote in your personal account, which is automatically created for you. Do you want to make multiple quotes to compare the different options? Then you will find these conveniently arranged together in your account.

Container shelters, storage tents, E-500 storage buildings and warehouse tents
These products are always in stock. This means that the product can be sent as soon as the payment obligation has been met, taking into account a maximum of 2 working days for arranging the transport. Depending on the destination, the order will generally be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks after payment.

H-series storage buildings
These products are ordered from the supplier as soon as the payment obligation has been met. From that moment we have a delivery time of 4 weeks. For special requests, such as moving a door, you must take extra delivery time into account. We will always inform you about this.

If the order is transported, you will receive an e-mail with an indicative delivery date and the contact details of the transporter. You can contact them for the exact delivery date.

Have a look at our reference page. The locations of our products are listed there. You can visit these if desired. No guarantees can be given on whether a storage building/shelter is actually (still) constructed and/or available to visit. Permission for an on-site visit can only be given by the owner.

Of all our storage buildings, storage tents and container shelters we have structural calculations available in German. These are available on request and free of charge.

For these structural calculations we work with German engineers. These structural calculations always meet the ′Eurocode′ standard supplemented by German codes DIN+DIBt ensuring wide European and International acceptance. To maintain the legal status, we only provide the original untranslated documents in the German language. Should this cause you any difficulties, you can use these documents as a basis to ask a local engineer to draw up a structural calculation in your own language which meets your local requirements.

Depending on your location, we have the following delivery and assembly options:

Pick up at Kroftman in Babberich (NL)
You can pick up your order (or have it picked up) from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00 The address is Veem 3, 6909 DZ Babberich, the Netherlands.
You will find the transport dimensions and weights in the specifications of the relevant product. Do you want to arrange the transportation yourself? Then choose this option.

You assemble the storage building, tent or canopy yourself or have it carried out by a local assembly team.

The shipment is so small that it can be delivered by a parcel service.

Delivery, unloading by customer
You are responsible for unloading the truck. A forklift with 1,500 kg lifting capacity is required. Unloading manually is possible in theory, but absolutely not recommended. The packages are large and heavy, it is very time-consuming (the driver waits a maximum of one hour) and it presents a risk of damage and injury.

You assemble the storage building, tent or canopy yourself or have it carried out by a local assembly team.

Delivery, unloading by driver
The driver takes a forklift truck and unloads the truck himself. You only have to provide sufficient space for the truck and the packages. This option is available for the following countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg.

You assemble the storage building, tent or canopy yourself or have it carried out by a local assembly team.

Delivery and assembly by Kroftman
Delivery takes place some time before assembly. You are responsible for unloading the truck and therefore need a forklift with 1,500 kg lifting capacity. Our own assembly team will then assemble your product. They will take all the necessary tools and equipment such as a working platform or mobile scaffolding. In the product specifications you will find the average time it takes for the team to assemble the product. This option is available for the following countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland.

From an amount of € 2,500 Kroftman offers the possibility to lease in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria via two well appreciated leasing companies (GRENKE FINANCE and S&P Leasingpartner). Possibly in other countries some specialized leasing companies will also accept these products as leasing object. If you are interested, you need to find a leasing company in your own country which accepts the product. We will then get in touch with them for all the details.

Spread payments
In a small number of countries it is possible to pay in installments via Klarna. This possibility depends, among other things, on the applicable laws and regulations for deferred payments in the relevant country. If payment in installments is possible for your country, this payment option will be visible on the checkout page.

This is very possible. One of the advantages of Kroftman is that we develop our products in such a way that they are easy to install yourself. This allows you achieve considerably savings on the overall costs. You only need standard tools, a mobile scaffold or boom lift and a few practical helpers. Our comprehensive manuals show you have to build the product step by step. For trouble-free assembly, we recommend that you also read the assembly conditions.

Would you like to know how long the assembly will take? Then check the specifications of the product in question.

We use fixed prices for the areas where we regularly deliver. We make a customized quote for other regions. Enter the complete address and you will automatically receive this quote by e-mail within 2 working days.

  • Companies outside the Netherlands with a valid EU VAT number pay 0% (intra-community delivery)
  • Private persons and companies without a valid EU VAT number pay the Dutch rate of 21%
  • Dutch companies pay the Dutch rate of 21%
  • For deliveries outside the EU (both private persons and companies) the 0% VAT rate is applicable

When entering your details you will have the option to enter your VAT number. Your quotation or order will then show the applicable VAT rate.

That depends on the product and the local regulations. A permit is usually not necessary for temporary placement. For (semi) permanent placements, it’s best to contact your municipality.

You can download the construction drawings to apply for a building permit. Upon request we can also supply the structural calculations entirely free of charge and obligation.

All our structural calculations are in German. This is because Germany is our main sales area and because we mainly work with German engineers. All structural calculations are however in terms of content compiled in accordance with the ‘Eurocode’ standard. Any additional requirements are almost always exceeded by the German additional requirements (DIN/DIBt).

We do not translate these calculations into other languages because this would affect the legal validity. A building permit is usually acquired without problems on the basis of the German calculations (which are after the same in terms of content).

The transport volume of an insulated storage building is 3 to 4 times greater than that of a non-insulated storage building. The insulated sheeting is 4 cm thick, that of non-insulated sheeting is only 0.4 mm thick. The skylight panels of a non-insulated storage building are also much thicker than those of an non-insulated storage building. The insulated storage building has an insulated overhead door as standard. This door takes up much more volume than the standard roll-up door of an uninsulated storage building. Due to the larger volume, we cannot combine the transport of the warehouse with the transport of other products. This means that we must arrange transport for just one address. As a rule, this is always more expensive than a combined transport.

Yes. You can order these by sending us a message

CE marking is obligatory for semi-finished products, components and complete products, but not for building constructions. Since Kroftman products are constantly evolving, we choose to have our products assessed as building constructions.

As a guarantee of our quality, all our storage buildings, container shelters and storage tents are accompanied by construction calculations which comply with Eurocode standards. These are produced and signed by an authorized engineering agency. These calculations are free of charge. Please send us an an email with reference to the product type.

Depending on your country, you can choose BANK TRANSFER (after receiving the invoice) or pay online with:

  • Paypal
  • Giropay
  • SOFORT Banking
  • iDEAL
  • ING Home’Pay
  • Belfius Direct Net
  • KBC/CBC Payment Button
  • EPS
  • Bancontact

Most of our products are large and heavy. A forklift with 1.500 kg lifting capacity is therefore recommended. Unloading by hand is possible, but requires at least 4 people, is time-consuming and can cause damage to the product. At an additional charge you can opt to have the driver unload the product with his own forklift.

Kroftman products are designed and documented in such a way that you can easily install them yourself. If you still prefer to outsource the installation, you can use our assembly service (only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg). You can of course also call in a local assembly team. This is cheaper in many cases. In addition, the engineers speak the same language as you, which makes it easier to communicate.

  • The products and transport costs are subject to a 50% deposit prior to reservation or production. Upon delivery, you check the delivery after which you transfer the remaining 50% directly to us
  • The assembly costs are 100% on the last assembly day. Our drivers and / or technicians are instructed to ask for a proof of transfer
  • 100% prepayment applies to orders below € 5,000
  • Down payment invoices have a payment term of 14 days after the invoice date

All complete Kroftman end products
HS-code 9406.9038 – Prefabricated storage structures of steel and plastics

Spare tarpaulins
HS-code 6306.2200 – Tarpaulins manufactured from synthetic fibers

To guarantee fast and trouble-free assembly, we make the assembly conditions mandatory for customers who have the product assembled by our own assembly team. However, the instructions mentioned in the document naturally also apply to do-it-yourself assembly. We strongly advise you to follow this so that you will not be faced with any surprises during assembly.

You can. Our openings hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 – 16:00
Friday: 08:00 – 15:00

We are closed over the weekend

You will only be able to take the product with you once the invoice has been paid. You can also pay this on the spot in cash or with a debit card.

No. Our products are only for sale. We do offer leasing in certain countries.

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