Anchoring options for storage buildings

Kroftman steel storage buildings can always be installed without any need for a concrete foundation. The construction of a storage building can now, compared to the traditional installation of a storage building, be realized much faster, easier and cheaper. This distinctive advantage makes the Kroftman steel buildings considerably cheaper so you can save on the total project costs. The construction of a storage building can be realized in three ways. These are briefly explained below.

Option 1 – Concrete foundation

This option is for a permanently installed building. Concrete foundation (not included) has to be prepared according to Kroftman drawings (included). Base rail of building is bolted with concrete throughbolts M12x180/055 (included).

Option 2 – Concrete slab elements

This option is for permanent construction as well.  Construct a sandbed of 45 cm (to the frost line) whereupon a spacious floor of the prefab concrete panels 200 x 200 x 16 cm (concrete slab elements) will be placed. The soil profiles of the storage building will then be anchored with drill anchors M12x180/055 (included).

This option is economical and faster.

Option 3 – Earth anchors

This option is for temporary or semi-permanent installation. For this purpose 1100 x ∅25 mm galvanized ground pegs may be ordered with us. Anchoring with these ground pegs can be done on pavement, asphalt or hard gravel. The installation surface has to be even with a maximum slope of 1cm/m1 limited to one direction. A curved surface requires equalization which leads to additional costs! Base rail holes of ∅30 mm are to be drilled on-site. An adequate holesaw is included). Installation with earth anchors saves time and money and is very suitable when only temporary construction is required or permitted.

This option is economical and faster.

No concrete
foundation required

Free construction

Quick, easy

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