Warehouse tents

Disassemble without damage, high residual value

Compared to a steel storage building, the warehouse tent can be disassembled very quickly and virtually without damage. This allows it to be relocated multiple times without problems or resold with a high residual value.

Suitable for a permanent building permit in virtually all of Europe

The warehouse tent can bear a snow load of no less than 130 kg of snow per m². This means that the tent is suitable for a permanent building permit in virtually all of Europe. Other warehouse tents with similar prices have a considerably lower snow and wind load.

Economical alternative for a storage building

The Kroftman warehouse tents combine the best of two worlds. With a steel construction, corrugated galvanised steel metal sheeting and a roof made of PVC canvas, it is as strong and burglar-resistant as a storage building and as easy to disassemble as a storage tent. It’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for a semi-permanent storage space which retains its value, even after dis- and reassembly.

The construction of the warehouse tent is made of cold-formed C section steel. This has two important advantages compared to a warehouse tent with an aluminium frame. The construction is stronger (higher snow load) and the material is cheaper. Yet, the construction of our warehouse tent weighs roughly as much as a warehouse tent with an aluminium frame.

For any type of foundation

The warehouse tent can be used for many purposes. If you only need the tent for a few months, an anchoring with earth anchors is probably sufficient. If you’re looking for a multi-year solution, you have the same unique anchoring possibilities as our steel storage buildings. You don’t need an expensive concrete foundation; the warehouse tent can be placed on any type of solid foundation.


Maximum flexibility

The construction of the warehouse tent is such that you can easily extend it with (multiples of) 2,86 meters. If you in the course of time need a larger surface area, you can order one or more extra lengths and easily attach these to the existing tent. Do you need less space? Then you can easily shorten the warehouse tent by disassembling a construction element and moving the back wall forward.

No concrete
foundation required

steel structure

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