W303 Field Shelter 3m

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The field shelter is very suitable for small livestock such as horses, ponies and other animals. In addition to it protecting your animals from rain and other precipitation, the horse field shelter also provides shade for the animals on warm days.

The field shelter has wind break mesh at the side walls. The horses are therefore also reasonably sheltered when the wind is blowing. The front gate can open on both sides, allowing the animals to enter and exit the shelter.

The mobile shelter itself is very strong. The PVC frame and tarpaulin are resistant to severe weather conditions. With the supplied ground anchors, the field shelter remains firmly attached to the ground. Nevertheless, we advise you to remove the tent cover during heavy storms and remove snow from the roof as soon as possible. This ensures that the shelter remains in good condition and that you can enjoy it for years.

  • Width: 3m
  • Length: 3m
  • Height: 2,4m
  • Fabric: PVC 610 gr/m²
  • Included: windbreak mesh, PVC back wall, earth anchors, closing.

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