Boat shelter 3m wide.

Board and depart directly with this floating boat shelter

  • No hassle with having to remove the boat cover
  • An easily accessible storage net (optional)
  • A rear wall of windbreak mesh for extra protection (optional)
  • A stormproof shelter against bright sunlight, hail and dirt.

The Fjordsen boat shelter gives you the convenience of a boathouse and the protection of a boat cover. A floating boathouse that you can easily assemble yourself.

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  • Fully corrosion-resistant frame
  • Storm-proof construction
  • Easy to build yourself
  • Delivery from stock
from £2,160excl VAT

Customize your boat shelter

BT306 Boat shelter 3,2m

Starting £2,160 (ex. VAT)

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Product details

Width316 cm (outside), 256 cm (inside)
Length600 cm
Clearance height193 cm (side), 259 cm (ridge)
FrameAluminium EN-AW 6060 (pipes), Aluminium EN-AW 5754 (sheet metal)
FabricPVC 610 g/m²
BeatersHDPE (beaters), stainless steel A4 (fasteners)
ColorsGrey or black
Warranty5 years on construction and fabric (elastics excluded)
Options- Windbreak mesh front and/or rear wall
- Storage net
- Water ballast pockets (4 pcs)
- Fabric color: grey or black
- Spare parts (elastic en stainless steel fastening material)

Product description

A boat shelter protects

UV radiation, hail, bird droppings; all factors that affect the life span of your valuable boat. The Fjordsen boat shelter offers a solution for those inconveniences. With this floating boat house you have a garage on the water. This not only prevents the boat from filling up during a rain shower, but also protects the paint of the boat against the bright sun. During a heavy thunderstorm, the boat shelter ensures that your boat is protected against hail, lightning and possible branches that have been windswept. Another advantage of this floating boathouse is that you have to clean or to re-paint your boat less often. In contrast to a protection cover, the boat shelter has sufficient ventilation so that the cushions and the upholstery of the boat remain beautiful.


Easy to set up floating boathouse

The Fjordsen boat shelter consists of plastic floats, a robust steel frame and a strong, weather-resistant PVC tarpaulin. It is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2,6 meters high. Using the step-by-step guide and the handy numbering of the spare parts, you can set up this floating boathouse with 2 people within 2.5 hours.

Do you have little space at the berth to build up the boat shelter? You can also build this floating boathouse elsewhere and bring it to the destination via the water.

The completely corrosion-resistant construction is suitable to stay in the water during the winter. In that case you can remove the tarpaulin and store it for the season.


Extra accessories: storage net, rear wall and ballast pockets

Storage net

The storage net can be attached under the roof and is easily accessible from the boat. You simply store your wakeboard, life jackets, swimming pool or fishing tackle. The items can perfectly dry up and take up no space in your boat. And yet you immediately grab them.

Rear wall of windbreak mesh

A rear wall offers extra protection on various levels. Your boat and your other items are less visible and therefore better protected against theft. The windbreak mesh wall makes the boat less exposed to the weather and keeps water birds away.

You can even choose to also provide the front with a wall. The cross bar is then left out and you only fix the wall to the upper half. This way you can also protect the boat from the front and still sail away from the floating boathouse relatively easily. If you do not use the boat for a longer period of time, you can then attach the cross bar and bottom of the wall.Would you like to have more fun with your floating boathouse? With the additional accessories, you can turn the boat shelter into a real boat garage. For example, choose a storage net that you attach to the roof or a front or back wall made of windbreak mesh. Do you want to make the boat shelter more resistant to powerful winds? With our unique water ballast pockets, you will increase the overall weight of the boathouse when it is lifted.

Water ballast pockets

The BT306 is already very storm-proof. But do you want to make the boat shelter even more resistant to powerful gusts? Then you hang the unique water ballast bags under the floaters in the water. This will make the boathouse approximately 150 kg heavier.


A boat shelter in the marina or at home

The floating boathouse is a real asset to a private quay at home. Your valuable boat is out of sight and protected on your shore. But it is also ideal for a space in a marina. This boat shelter is the ideal solution for your speed boat, motorboat or barge. For the protection and privacy of your boat, but especially for the ease in which you can sail away immediately onto the open water.