I need a structural calculation. Where can I find this?

Upon request, we will provide the structural calculations drafted by an independent German engineering firm for free and entirely free of obligation. We have structural calculations for different wind and snow loads for a number of products. Would you like to request a structural calculation? Then send an email to sales@kroftman.nl listing the product and the location (country and city/town) where the product will be placed.


All our structural calculations are in German. This is because Germany is our main sales area and because we mainly work with German engineers. All structural calculations are however in terms of content compiled in accordance with the ‘Eurocode’ standard which has been mandatory in the Netherlands since 2012. Any additional Dutch requirements (NEN) are almost always exceeded by the German additional requirements (DIN/DIBt).


We do not translate these calculations into Dutch because this would affect the legal validity. A Dutch building permit is usually acquired without problems on the basis of the German calculations (which are after the same in terms of content).