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What is the customs tariff number (HS-code) of the Kroftman products Is a forklift required for unloading?
What are your payment terms? How much VAT do I have to pay? Does this website use cookies? Do I need a building permit? Is the product strong enough to withstand high wind and/or snow load? I need a structural calculation. Where can I find this? Can I view the product on location? Can I also pick up my ordered product? Is the product in stock and what is the delivery time? Can I install a Kroftman product myself without any experience? Do the Kroftman products also have a type approval? Do you have an installation service? Does Kroftman also sell spare parts and separate accessories? Can I also lease a product? What are the shipping costs of your products? What are your warranty conditions? Do Kroftman products have a CE marking? Does Kroftman also rent out storage buildings or tents?
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Storage buildings

How do I create a front porch? Can I also order a storage building with a different length or height?
Do the storage buildings have gutters and drainpipes? Can I make a storage building with an entry gate? Can I place the storage building on a stem wall? What is Dripstop®? Can I place a window in a storage building? Can the man door also be placed on the left? Do the storage buildings comply with the NEN 1087 ventilation standard? Is it possible to install solar panels on the roof of the storage building? Can I order a storage building without a roll-up door? How is the storage building secured against intrusion? Can I paint the storage building? Can I place a higher or wider roll-up door in the storage building? Are the storage buildings available in different colours? Can two storage buildings be permanently constructed beside each other? Can the storage building (partly) be constructed without sheet material? Can the roll-up door be moved to the side wall? Do you offer insulation? Do you have structural calculations available? Can the man door be placed on the left as well? How are these storage buildings anchored? What about rainwater drainage? I need a different length. Is that possible? Is it possible to install a steel building on pavement or asphalt? Is it easy to install a roll-up door?
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Container shelters

Do you have back/front walls without a door? What distance between the shipping containers must be maintained?
Can the container shelters also be fastened without fastening brackets? What is the difference between a PE and a PVC canvas? Do the container shelters fit on all types of containers? Can the containers be placed closer together than the indicated distance? Is the canvas available in different colours? Does the container shelter also fit on a high cube sea container? Can container shelters be placed behind each other? How far apart must the containers be placed? Can two TC606 shelters be connected to a total length of 12 meter? Do you have structural calculations available? Can a container shelter be installed on office units? Is the tent canvas fireproof?
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Storage tents

How is a storage tent anchored? Can the storage tent be adjusted in height, width or depth?
Can a man door be placed in a storage tent? Can I order an extra or a different roll-up door? Do you have structural calculations available? Is the tent canvas fireproof?
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