RT201 Car Roof Tent 120×200 cm

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Camping with a car roof tent gives you the ultimate freedom. Within a few minutes you create a place to sleep on any conceivable terrain. Ideal for trekking holidays, on a festival site or for a stopover when you are on the way to a distant holiday destination.

The Fjordsen RT201 car roof tent (model 2018) is very affordable, comfortable and of high quality. This lightweight car roof tent fits on almost every car or bus.


All benefits at a glance:

  • Set up within a few minutes
  • Bed can be made up during the journey, so you create a place to sleep in no time
  • No chance of incoming ground water during heavy rain
  • Always sleep on a flat surface
  • To set up in the most rough terrains
  • No annoying guy-ropes that you can trip over
  • Only a small camping spot is required
  • Transport of tent, mattress and bed linen on the roof of the car, so much luggage space left in the car



  • Dimensions set up (w x l x h): approx. 202 x 132 x 123 cm
  • Dimensions folded up (w x l x h): 202 x 132 x 24 cm
  • Mattress size (w x l x h): 120 x 200 x 7 cm
  • Color: orange and gray


Included accessories:

  • Telescopic ladder
  • Mosquito netting for windows and doorway
  • Two storage compartments at the entrance
  • Fastening material and necessary tools
  • PVC cover

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