Steel buildings E500
from € 6.400 excl VAT
5,7 meter wide
  • Length: from 9,2 meter
  • Height: 3,4 meter (top)
  • Roll-up door clearance: 2,6 meter
Steel buildings H600
from € 7.500 excl VAT
6,0 meter wide
  • Length: from 5,8 meter
  • Height: 3,3 meter (side)
  • Clearance: 3,0 meter
Steel buildings H700h
from € 8.500 excl VAT
7,1 meter wide
  • Length: from 5,8 meter
  • Height: 4,7 meter (top)
  • Clearance: 3,66 meter
Steel buildings H800h
from € 9.500 excl VAT
8,2 meter wide
  • Length: from 5,8 meter
  • Height: 4,7 meter (top)
  • Clearance: 3,66 meter
Steel buildings H900-H900h
from € 15.300 excl VAT
9,2 meter wide
  • Length: from 11,0 meter
  • Height: 4,3 / 4,9 meter (top)
  • Roll-up door clearance: 3,0/3,6 meter

The affordable and flexible storage building

Kroftman offers a range of storage buildings with various widths and any desired length. Because of the production of standard models, we can offer low prices and most storage buildings are available from stock. With the many options, you can customise the storage building to your own preferences.


Do you need construction drawings and structural calculations for a building permit? We make these available to you free of charge and without obligation.


No concrete foundation necessary

The Kroftman steel storage buildings can be placed on any type of paved surface. As such, it is not necessary to pour an expensive concrete foundation. The prefab storage building can also be placed on Stelcon® sheets, asphalt, pavement and even on compacted sand, gravel or rubble fraction.

Read more about the anchoring options


Assemble your storage building yourself and cut costs

all you need for the construction of a Kroftman storage building is standard tools, a mobile scaffold or boom lift and a few practical helpers. Our comprehensive manual and instruction videos show you how to build the storage building step by step. This allows you to save considerably on the total costs of the storage building.


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