Steel buildings 5,7m wide

Self-build storage building without concrete foundation

The Kroftman E500 is a basic storage building of 5,7m wide.  This steel storage building can often be installed without a permit.  A second big advantage is that this storage building can be built on any paved surface. You receive this prefab storage building as a complete construction kit including rolling door, man door, transparent roof sheets, concrete anchors and all installations materials.

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  • Width: 5,7 meter
  • Length: from 9 meter
  • Height: 2,8 meter (side)
  • Roll-up door clearance: 2,6 meter
from € 6.400excl VAT

Customize your storage building

E500 storage buildings 5,7m

Starting  6.400,00 (ex. VAT)

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Product details

Width566 cm
596 cm (including rain gutters)
LengthE509: 916cm
E512: 1216cm
E515: 1516cm

The length can be shortened during installation.
Do you need a larger size? The E500 steel building can be extended with a multiple of 3 meter.
Height277 cm (shoulder) 340 cm (top).

Also possible to build with a shoulder of 300 cm and a top of 237 cm.
Maximum snow load1,5 kN/m² (EN 1991-1-3) in combination with 0,48kN/m² wind load.
Maximum wind load0,72 kN/m² (EN 1991-1-4) (10Bft) in combination with 0,85kN/m² snow load.
Roll-up door (included)265 x 275 cm (H x W), headway 255 cm, color RAL 9003 (signal white), including clutching for padlock.
Man door (included)210 x 975 cm (H x W), color RAL 9003 (signal white), with doorknob and tubular lockset.
SheetingHigh tensile steel S320, 0,5 mm (NEN-EN 10169), color RAL9001 (cream).
SkylightsE509: 4 panels
E512: 6 panels
E515: 8 panels
Options- Roll-up door motor (including 2 remote controls)
- Earth anchors
- Roof drainage system in pearl light grey or anthracite grey
- Extra man door(s)
- Roll-up door on the side (please contact us for enquiries)

Product description

The E500 storage building is 5,6 meters wide and has a minimum length of 9,2 meters. You can extend this length infinitely with multiples of 3 meters. By default, the top of the storage building is 3,4 metres high, but it can also be built with a top height of 3 meters if the building permit so requires. The roll-up door, which can be delivered with a motor, has a clearance height of 2,55 meters.


Build a storage building on any paved surface

Kroftman storage buildings can always be placed without a foundation. This distinctive advantage allows you to achieve significant savings on the total project costs. This allows one to place a storage building much more quickly and at a much lower cost. The storage building can also be placed on Stelcon® sheets, asphalt, pavement and even on compacted sand, gravel or rubble fraction.

Read more about the anchoring options


Place your E500 storage building without a building permit

During the development of the E500 storage building, the most common permit requirements were taken into account. Depending on the building requirements in your municipality, this steel storage building can often be placed without a building permit. Would you like to know if this applies to your situation as well? Then contact your municipality. For detailed information, we’ll supply the building plans and strength calculations free of charge and without any obligations.


Build your storage building yourself and cut installation costs

All our storage buildings are easy to build yourself. This allows you to save thousands of euros on construction costs. We support you in building the steel building with our detailed manuals and instruction videos. For the rest, all you need is standard tools, a mobile scaffold or boom lift and a few practical helpers.


Depending on the region, you can also choose to have Kroftman install the storage building. Would you like to know if we carry out installations in your region? On the basis of the address information you fill in, the shipping and installation options are displayed automatically.


Create a workshop or storage building with ease

The E500 is ideal as a (temporary) storage building or workshop. The clearance height of the roll-up door is suitable for most small utility vehicles. Customers have now deployed this popular storage building as a covered oldtimer parking space, storage building in a container port or in a self-storage complex. View our gallery for even more applications.