Container shelters 7,9m wide

A container tent with handy fastening brackets

With the tunnel-shaped TC806, you create a work or storage area of nearly 50 or 100 m² within a day.  The container shelter is specially designed for placement between two standard sea containers, but can also be mounted on concrete blocks for a semi-permanent solution.  With the optional fastening brackets, you can easily install the canopy without damaging the containers.

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  • Width: 8 meter
  • Length: 6,1 / 12,2 meter
  • Free working space: 3,4 - 5,6 m
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Customize your container shelter

TC800 container shelters 8m

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New: Unique roll-up system with crank handle for the fabric door

The fumbling with rolling up the fabric door is now a thing of the past. Kroftman has developed a unique roll-up system that allows the fabric door to be opened and closed completely by just one person; easy, quick, tight and without a ladder or platform.

Opening and closing a fabric door in a container shelter is quite a challenge. As a consequence the door is not rolled up properly, which results in a damaged door or a situation where the door is always left open.

The Kroftman solution consists of a keder profile in the fabric door that, with the help of a removable crank handle, rolls up the door to the top. If you order a front and / or rear wall with a white TC606 or TC612 you will receive this unique roll-up system as standard!

Product details

Width790 cm
LengthTC806: 605 cm (for container of 20ft)
TC812: 1220 cm (for container of 40ft)
Height300 cm (top)
Maximum snow load0,30 kN/m²
Maximum wind load0,5kN/m² (10Bft) (EN13782)
FabricHDPE 300 gr/m²
PVC 610 gr/m²
ColorsWhite or green
Front/back wall (optional)Compatible with a standard container of 2,6 meter high. Including fabric garage door with unique roll-up system with crank handle, wxh 325 x 365 cm, overpressure flap and support frame.
Options- Fastening brackets (TC806: 8 pieces, TC812: 14 pieces)
- Front/back gables
- M8 concrete anchors
- PVC fabric instead of HDPE
- Fabric color: white or green

Product description

The TC800 container shelter, 8 metres in width, is available in two variations, suitable for standard 20 or 40ft sea containers. The construction of this container shelter is weather and wind-resistant. We supply the strength calculations drawn up by an independent German engineering firm upon request, free of charge and with no obligation.


Rapid installation

You can install a TC800 within one working day and it’s just as easy to dismantle it for use at the next construction project. The fastening brackets developed by Kroftman are available optionally. This ensures the shortest possible installation time and a guaranteed solid anchoring of the shelter without damaging your containers!


Front and/or back facade with unique and strong construction

Would you like more shelter or to store your valuables out of sight? Then expand your container tent with one or two facades. These are delivered as standard with a foil door of 325 x 365 cm. The construction of the facade of the container tent is such that it well able to withstand heavy wind. A special “overpressure flap” ensures that the wind can’t blow inside, but still allows for ventilation. The frame prevents the canvas from being pressed inside by the wind and bulging out. This means the canvas doesn’t flap much and allows you to safely store your goods close to the walls. Another advantage is that the canvas also wears down much less quickly.


A container shelter as sawing shed, carport or construction tent

With an overall height of more than 5.5 metres, you can easily park agricultural machines, forklifts, lorries or tractors. This container tent is also very suitable for dry storage of bulk goods such as road salt, sand, compost, soil, cattle fodder and crops. It is as such deployed often in the construction and agricultural sectors.