Storage buildings

What is the difference between a roll-up door and an overhead door? Why is transportation of insulated storage buildings more expensive than non-insulated storage buildings?
Can I order a storage building with a different length or width? How are these storage buildings anchored? How do I install a roll-up or an overhead door? Can I insulate a non-insulated storage building? How do I create a front porch? Can I order a storage building without a roll-up door? Can I place a higher or wider roll-up door in the storage building? Can I place the storage building on a stem wall? What is Dripstop®? Can the roll-up door be moved to the side wall? Can the man door also be placed on the left? Can two storage buildings be permanently constructed beside each other? How is the storage building secured against intrusion? Is it possible to install solar panels on the roof of the storage building? Can I make a storage building with an entry gate? Do the storage buildings comply with the NEN 1087 ventilation standard? Can I place a window in a storage building? Can I paint the storage building? Can the storage building (partly) be constructed without sheet material? Are the storage buildings available in different colours? Do the storage buildings have gutters and drainpipes? Does the roll-up or overhead door have electrical operation? Do you have structural calculations available? Can the man door be placed on the left as well? What about rainwater drainage?
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