Container shelters TC403
from € 790 excl VAT
4 meter wide
  • Length: 3 meter
  • Free working space: 3,9 - 4,4 meter
Container shelters TC600
from € 925 excl VAT
6 meter wide
  • Length: 6,1 / 12,2 meter
  • Free working space: 3,2 - 4,4 meter
Container shelters TC800
from € 1.990 excl VAT
7,9 meter wide
  • Length: 6,1 / 12,2 meter
  • Free working space: 3,4 - 5,6 meter
Container shelter TC1012
from € 4.400 excl VAT
10 meter wide
  • Length: 12,2 meter (40ft)
  • Free working space: 3,6 - 7,5 meter

Create temporary storage or work space in no time

A Kroftman container shelter (or container canopy) is a quick, inexpensive and flexible solution for storing equipment and goods. An ideal way to make a temporary shelter and protect material from sun, wind and precipitation. Simply position two standard shipping containers (often already present at construction sites) parallel to each other and mount the container canopy between the containers. These container canopies are widely used by building and construction companies as ‘site shelter’ for sawing, welding and storage.

In practice, these container shelters are often used as a semi-permanent solution. Kroftman has taken this into account in product development and all our types of shelters are stronger than the minimum standard EN13782. They are as such regularly deployed as a sawing shed or work tent for long-term construction projects.

New: Unique roll-up system with crank for the fabric door

The fumbling with rolling up the fabric door is now a thing of the past. Kroftman has developed a unique roll-up system that allows the fabric door to be opened and closed completely by just one person; easy, quick, tight and without a ladder or platform.

Opening and closing a fabric door in a container shelter is quite a challenge.

As a consequence the door is not rolled up properly, which results in a damaged door or a situation where the door is always left open.

The Kroftman solution consists of a keder profile in the fabric door that, with the help of a removable crank handle, rolls up the door to the top.

If you order a front and / or rear wall with a white TC606, TC612, TC806 or TC812, you will receive this unique roll-up system as standard!

Rapid installation

With our clear manual, you can install our container canopy completely independently. No experience is required. You only need some standard tools, an AWP or mobile scaffold, and four practical helpers.

The fastening brackets developed by Kroftman are available optionally. This ensures the shortest possible installation time and a guaranteed solid anchoring of the shelter without damaging your containers!


From container shelter to storage tent

The container shelters can optionally be ordered with a front and back gable with foil door. These gables have a special construction to prevent overpressure and are additionally reinforced with lateral wind bracing. The gables allow you to easily change the container canopy into a storage tent and make optimal use of the space.