Container shelters TC600
from € 925 excl VAT
6 meter wide
  • Length: from 6 meter
  • Height: 1,8 meter (top)
Container shelters TC800
from € 1.990 excl VAT
7,9 meter wide
  • Length: from 6 meter
  • Height: 3 meter (top)
Container shelter TC1012
from € 4.400 excl VAT
10 meter wide
  • Length: from 12,2 meter
  • Height: 5 meter (top)

Container shelters

Container shelters (or container canopies) provide a fast and cost-effective solution for temporary work or storage space. Simply position two standard shipping containers (often already present at construction sites) parallel to each other and mount the container canopy between the containers. Container canopies are widely used by building and construction companies as ‘site shelter’ for sawing, welding and storage. Installation is an easy do-it-yourself job; no experience or specialist tools are required. Please choose the optional container fastening brackets for trouble-free installation and repeated use.

Kroftman produces container shelters in widths of 6m, 8m or 10m that may be installed on 20ft or 40ft standard ISO shipping containers. Our container shelter systems are engineered n Germany to meet the European building code EURODE EN13782 for temporary structures.