What is the difference between a roll-up door and an overhead door

The main difference is that a roll-up door is made of continuous steel sheeting and an overhead door consists of hollow aluminum segments filled with insulating PUR foam. This means that with an insulated storage building only an overhead door is possible. With an non-insulated storage building you choose from both.

Overhead door

Features overhead door

+ Insulated
+ Opens complete, so full height to use
+ In the event of damage, only the damaged element needs to be replaced
+ Makes less noise
+ Burglary resistant: can only be opened manually from the inside

– Can not be opened from outside (except with a remote control)
– More expensive
– The overhead door hangs horizontally in the indoor area, so that the working height in the storage building cannot be fully used

Roll-up door

Features roll-up door

+ More efficient use of interior space because the door rolls up above the door opening
+ Can be opened from outside
+ Low-priced

– Less clearance (approx. 10 cm) because the lower beam (with the handle) hangs in the doorway

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