Wanted: German language copywriter

Hi copywriter, does this make you happy?

  • Dedicate all your time to content marketing to get exceptional results
  • Making new pieces of content every week (text, video or audio)
  • Enhancing website content
  • Site analytics and SEO
  • Meetings with sales colleagues to discuss needed content and have training
  • Continual education and training and learning new tools
  • Embracing content marketing to support the sales process

Does this describe you?

  • You love to write
  • You ‘get’ social media and embrace it
  • You have excellent interviewing skills and you know how to motivate and inspire colleagues
  • You are organized and goal oriented
  • You love your statistics
  • You use creativity and unique thinking for achieving success
  • You’re a fun person 😊

An impression of the projects you’ll be involved in

  • Blog writing
    Interviewing members of our staff in order to gain information to write blogs on a wide variety of product related topics.
  • Desk research
    For topics related to our products, for example how to obtain a building permit, you will perform desk research. You will convert the result of your research into an informative article. The list of related topics is seemingly endless.
  • Preparing interviews
    Our videographer will visit customers to interview them on their experiences with the process of building in general and their experiences with kroftman in particular. You will prepare this interview from a textual and contextual point of view.
  • Preparing and outsourcing voice-overs
    For our video’s we regularly use voice-overs. You will create the text of these voice-overs and out-source it to a voice-actor of choice.
  • Product information
    You will create, review and revise the textual part of our product information for existing products and products yet to be added.
  • Support of our sales team
    You will support our sales-team by preparing standard email replies, attractive follow-up emails and customized replies.

What do we offer?

  • Gross monthly salary between €2.750 and €3.000 depending on education and work experience.
  • An enthusiastic team of 30 professionals.
  • An open and innovative work culture.
  • A challenging job with diversity and responsibility. The position is new, so you can think along how to shape it.
  • Room for your own ideas, the chance to realize convincing content and to develop yourself.
  • The possibility to work from your home office, but regular attendance on a weekly basis is seen as vital to stay in close contact with the team you are part of.

Who are we?

We are Kroftman, a Dutch company with German-speaking markets. We are looking for an in-house copywriter to help carry out a new strategy and to expand the sales- and marketing team. Our online strategy is focused on supporting the sales process. Creating new, meaningful content is a vital part of this strategy.

We design, calculate, develop, produce, sell and construct temporary and permanent storage solutions for industrial purposes. We are mainly active in the European market with an emphasis on the German-speaking countries and the Netherlands. Roughly 70 percent of our annual turnover is in the German market. Kroftman can be described as a fast-growing company, approximately 30 % annual growth over the last 5 years has been achieved. Our ambition is to maintain this growth over the coming years. Currently a team of 30 people is working to reach our goals, we intend to expand and strengthen our team ongoing to keep up with our ambitions.

Through our online-channels we generate leads and sales. Our sales- and marketing team, which is based in Babberich close to the German border, supports customers in choosing the right solution for their problem and selecting the right building for their purpose.

Still interested?

Please contact us for more information, we are happy to tell you more about the company and the job opening. For questions, call Ingrid Corstjens on +31 6 179 06 179.

Do you want to apply? Please let us know why you would like to work for Kroftman and how you can make the difference in this position. Send your application to marketing@kroftman.nl

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