602 cm
2.016 cm
331 cm (side), 412 cm (ridge)
Maximum snow load
1,3 kN/m²
in combination with 0,65 kN/m² wind load
Maximum wind load
0,65 kN/m²
in combination with 1,3 kN/m² snow load
Roll-up door (included)
305 x 275 cm (H x W), clearance 295 cm, color RAL 9003 (signal white), including clutching for a padlock (not included).
0,45 mm steel, non-insulated, manual operation, polyester coating, model Janus 650.
For a permanently installed building
Option 1. Concrete foundation
Concrete (strip) foundation to be prepared according to Kroftman drawings (included). Base rail of building is bolted with concrete anchors M12x115/02-035 (not included). The concrete surface needs to be perfectly straight to obtain a good joint of the base rails. (Tolerance plus or minus 5 mm)

Option 2. Concrete slab elements
Construct a sandbed of 45 cm minimum (to the frost line) containing a spacious floor of prefab concrete panels (concrete slab elements) of 16 cm minimum. The base rail of the warehouse tent need to be fastened with concrete anchors M12x180/055 (not included).

This option is economical and fast

For temporily or semi-permanently installed building
Option 3: Earth anchors (not included)
Anchoring on pavement, asphalt or hard gravel. The installation surface must be straight with a maximum slope of 2% limited to one direction. A curved surface requires equalization which leads to additional costs.

Installation of a warehouse tent with earth anchors saves time and money and is the perfect solution when only temporily constructions are allowed or needed.

Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons
4 days
Steel structure
Galvanized steel S390, c-profile, thickness 1,5 mm, truss distance 287 cm.
Corrugated galvanised steel metal. High tensile steel 550 MPa, 0,5 mm S280GD (NEN-EN 10169). Without topcoating (this prevents paint defects during repeated assembly and disassembly)
Roof cover
PVC 610 g/m²
– Tensile strength warp: 2965 N
– Tensile strength weft: 2282 N
– Tear resistance warp: 456 N
– Tear resistance weft: 314 N
– Flame retardant: according to DIN 4102-1 class B2
– Temperature resistance: -30 – +70 °C
Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)
2.350 kg, 350 x 120 x 160 cm (2 pallets)
Earth anchors (on separate pallet): 80 pieces = 335 kg
Construction drawings, structural calculations in accordance with EUROCODE and assembly manuals are included free of charge.
Steel structure and sheeting:
10 years descending warranty against rust perforation

10 years descending warranty

Roll-up door:
10 years descending warranty against rust perforation, 1 year mechanical warranty, 2 years or 5.000 cycles for door motor

6 months warranty on correction installation of the supplied materials if assembled by Kroftman (or its partners).

– Earth anchors or concrete anchors
– Extra roll-up door in back wall