400 cm


1200 cm (for containers of 40 ft)


134 cm (ridge)

Ridge height including containers

393 cm

Maximum snow load

0,68 kN / m²

If necessary, the container shelter can also be built in areas with a higher snow load if you can ensure that the 68 kg / m² limit is not exceeded (for example, by heating the shelter in winter or clearing the roof from snow).

Maximum wind load

0,50 kN/m² (EN13782, temporary construction)


Option 1: Fastening brackets (not included) for fast and dammage-free installation. Bracket depth 50 – 80 mm.
Option 2: Anchoring kit for installation on concrete walls (not included)
Option 3: Direct fastening on the containers by bolting or welding

Front/back walls (optional)

Suitable for a standard container of 2,6 meter high. Including wind bracing and fabric door of 191 x 281 cm (W x H) with unique roll-up system to open the fabric door easily, quickly and totally.

The roll-up system has a removable crank handle and is self-locking.

The HDPE or PVC front / back wall includes wind bracing and an pressure opening



Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons

Max. 1 day (including 2 walls)

Steel structure

Steel S235, electrolytically galvanised, main profiles ∅48 x 2 mm


HDPE 300 g/m²
– Tensile strength warp: 1351 N
– Tensile strength weft: 1195 N
– Tear resistance warp: 167 N
– Tear resistance weft: 137 N
– Flame retardant: according to CPAI-84:1995
– Temperature resistance: -30 – +70 °C

PVC 610 g/m²
– Tensile strength warp: 2965 N
– Tensile strength weft: 2282 N
– Tear resistance warp: 456 N
– Tear resistance weft: 314 N
– Flame retardant: according to DIN 4102-1 class B2
– Temperature resistance: -30 – +70 °C

Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)

– 230 x 75 x 30 cm, 175 kg (1 crate) (steel structure)
– 100 x 50 x 25 cm, 40 kg (1 box) (fabric)

Front/back wall (per wall) (in boxes)
– 230 x 30 x 25 cm, 55 kg (steel structure)
– 60 x 50 x 25 cm, 22 kg (fabric)


Construction drawings, structural calculations in accordance with EUROCODE and assembly manuals are included free of charge.


Steel structure:
10 years descending warranty against rust perforation

HDPE: 3 years descending warranty
PVC: 10 years descending warranty


– Fastening brackets for fast and damage-free installation (10 pieces)
– Anchoring kit for installation on concrete walls
– Front/back walls
– PVC fabric instead of HDPE
– Fabric color: white