1204 cm
(=Outer dimension including metal sheeting)
(+32 cm including rain gutters)
1.324 cm

(=Outer dimension including metal sheeting)

402 cm (side), 564 cm (ridge)
Unobstructed floor space
1.150 x 1.280 cm ≈ 147 m²
Maximum snow load
1,3 kN/m²
in combination with 0,85 kN/m² wind load

DIN EN 1991-1-3:2010-12 and DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA:2010-12 compliant

Maximum wind load
0,85 kN/m²
in combination with 1,3 kN/m² snow load

DIN EN 1991-1-3:2010-12 and DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA:2010-12 compliant

Overhead door
415 x 318 cm (H x W), color RAL 9002 (grey white), including latch for padlock (padlock not included). Cannot be opened from outside. The door consists of sandwich panels with a thickness of 4 cm. The outside has a micro-profile, the inside is horizontally profiled. Running rails of galvanized steel. Galvanized door fittings. Steel cables with six-fold safety. Spring package is suitable for a minimum of 30,000 door movements. EPDM seals around and between the panels.
Electric opener overhead door (optional)
220V drive unit + 2x remote control + complete installation set
Man door (included)
Opening dimensions 209 x 93 cm, color RAL 9002 (grey white), including door handle with backplate and integrated lock (1 key, prepared for 17mm cilinder). All-steel door with rock wool filling, sheet thickness 0.9 mm, with four-sided EPDM sealing rubbers. Direction of rotation can be executed both left and right.
Door positions
The storage building comes standard with an overhead door and a man door in the front wall. Other door positions are possible, taking into account:
1) An overhead door opening occupies the full width of a truss section in a side wall. The total door construction (including shafts) is therefore wider than a truss section.
2) An overhead door opens by means of rails that hang horizontally in the space, so that the guide rails can interfere with each other with certain door position combinations.
Metal sheeting
Trapezoidal profile sheet S280GD, sheet thickness 0.5 mm (NEN-EN 10169). Roofing sheets coated with a layer of DripStop® condensation control.

MagiZinc® + Colorcoat® Polyester 25μm, maintenance free. Innerside wall panels RAL 7035 (light grey).

For the outside you can choose between the colors RAL 3009, 6020, 7016, 7040, 8004, 8012, 9005 and 9010*

*Colors can slightly differ from reality.

4 transparant high impact polycarbonate panels. Light surface 290 x 90 cm (H x W) per panel.
Steel structure
Galvanized steel S390, c-profile, thickness 2,0 / 2,5 mm, truss distance 3,3 meter.
Gutter system (optional)
Set of steel roof gutters and downspouts in the colors RAL 9022 (pearl light grey) or RAL 7016 (anthracite), width of gutter 125 mm, diameter of downspout 80 mm.
For a permanently installed building
Option 1. Concrete foundation
Concrete (strip) foundation to be prepared according to Kroftman drawings (included). Base rail of building is bolted with concrete anchors M12x115/020-035 (included). The concrete surface needs to be perfectly straight to obtain a watertight joint of the walls. (Tolerance plus or minus 5 mm)

Option 2. Prefab concrete slab elements
Construct a sandbed of 45 cm minimum (to the frost line) containing a spacious floor of prefab concrete panels (concrete slab elements) of 16 cm minimum. The soil profiles of the storage building need to be fastened with concrete anchors M12x115/020-035 (included).

This option is economical and fast.

For temporarily or semi-permanently installed building
Option 3. Earth anchors
Earth anchors 1.100 x 25 mm for anchoring on pavement, asphalt or hard gravel. The installation surface must be straight with a maximum slope of 1% limited to one direction. Base rail holes of ∅30 mm are to be drilled on-site (adequate holesaw is included).

Installation of your steel building with earth anchors saves time and money and is the perfect solution when only temporarily constructions are allowed or needed.

Average assembly time for DIY with 4 persons
4 days

Some parts need to be made to fit on-site.

Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)
6.125 kg, 650 x 120 x 170 cm (3 pallets)
Construction drawings, structural calculations in accordance with EUROCODE and assembly manuals are included free of charge.
Metal sheeting and gutter system:
10 years descending warranty against rust perforation and discoloration

Steel structure:
10 years descending warranty against rust perforation

10 years descending warranty against breakage

10 years descending warranty against rust perforation and discoloration, 1 year mechanical warranty. Electric opener: 2 years or 5.000 cycles

6 months warranty on correction installation of the supplied materials if assembled by Kroftman (or its partners).

– Electric opener (including 2 remote controls)
– Earth anchors
– Gutter system in the colors RAL 9022 (pearl light grey) or RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)
– Man doors
– Overhead door in back wall
– Overhead door in the side walls 300 x 274 cm (H x W)
– Roll-up door door in the side walls 305 x 275 cm (H x W)