Container shelters TC800

This ready-to-use solution of Kroftman is very suitable as a temporary construction site storage. The container shelters are specially designed to be mounted between two containers. The kroftman container shelters can perfectly be used to protect materials, such as road salt, sand, construction and demolition waste and soil. In addition, it can serve to protect machines and vehicles against weather influences. Our customers also frequently use the container shelters as a workplace.

The economical and durable container shelter is very easy to mount on the containers without experience. With the optional fastening brackets the container shelter can be mounted easily on standard shipping containers, without damaging the containers.

Container shelters TC800
  • Width: 7,90m
  • Length: 6,05 / 12,20m
  • Height: 3,00m
  • Front and back wall (optional)
  • Quick installation with fastening brackets (optional)
from € 1.990,00excl VAT

Product details

Delivery timeStock product
LengthTC806: 6,05m
TC812: 12,20m
Height:Ridge height: 3,00m
Side height appr.: 1,00m
Pricing (HDPE)TC806 shelter (6m): €1.990,-
TC812 shelter (12m): €3.250,-
TC800 front/back wall: €950,-

(pricing excl. taxes, shipping and installation)
Pricing (PVC)TC806 shelter (6m): €2.490,-
TC812 shelter (12m): €3.990,-
TC800 front/back wall: €1.150,-

(pricing excl. taxes, shipping and installation)
ColorsWhite / Green
FabricHDPE 300gr/m2, warranty: 1 year
PVC 610gr/m2, warranty: 8 year
Both are FR rated and UV coated
AnchoringOn containers: with optional fastening brackets. Suitable for container edge height between 50-80 mm.
TC806 fastening brackets (8 pcs.) € 150,-
TC812 fastening brackets (14 pcs.) € 275,-
(pricing excl. taxes)

On concrete: with concrete anchors (not included)
DocumentsInstallation manual and general structural calculations following DIN4112 are provided free of charge (go to Downloads)
Installation4 people approx. 1 day, mobile scaffold or platform, hand tools


Do you have structural calculations available? What distance between the shipping containers must be maintained? Can two TC606 shelters be connected to a total length of 12 meter? How much VAT do I have to pay? Why are your structural calculations in German?
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